boss406 ranch infrastructure

A sampling of projects that Boss406 has completed over the last several years.

Boss406 - Livestock Water Tank Install

Livestock Water Tank Install

This project required trenching, PolyPipe installation, and fittings for this remote location livestock water tank.

Boss406 above ground water storage installation

Water Cistern Install

1000 gallon water storage tank controlled by a float and is fed from a well that is 1/4 miles away. Install included float, fittings, piping, trenching, and fencing to protect cistern from livestock and wildlife.

Boss406 installs fittings for ranch infrastructure

pipe & fittings

PolyPipe was trenched inform 1/4 mile to feed water to the storage tank. Connections and fittings installed with the ability to close water off during winter.

boss406 ranch infrastructure

long distance trenching

Boss406 has the equipment to complete any trenching needs you may have. This trench ran for 1/4 mile from the well to feed the water storage cistern to provide water for livestock throughout the summer months.

Boss406 PolyPipe Installation

Polypipe installation

PolyPipe installation which ran in the 3 ft. deep trench from the well to the 1000 gallon water tank.

Graco Automatic Lubrication Systems by Boss406 in Montana

Graco Automatic Lubrication System

Auto lube system installed on the Haybuster – a heavily used farming equipment. This system saves you hours of time maintaining your equipment.

Boss406 Onsite Equipment Repair

Mobile Equipment Service

Boss406 understands how important it is to keep your equipment working and will come to you to service your equipment, repair hydraulic hoses, create a new hose onsite, and install a Graco Automatic Lubrication System onsite.

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